Just your typical Canadian born Greek girl living in Trinidad.

I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada (therefore naturally polite and friendly, eh!). Both my parents are Greek and migrated from the old country when they were young. They got married in Canada and then started a life and a family. Life growing up meant an unending supply of great home cooked food from hands that’s were full of love. For me home was always a place of warmth, comfort and the smell of good food.

Yes I really really love food and enjoy everything about it — including the cooking part. Maybe not so much the clean up part, but my hubby Johann is good for that!! I don’t have any children at the moment but between work and regular life, there’s usually little time left to cook as much or even the type of meals I would like to cook. So over the years I have collected recipes that’s are simple, delicious, quick and many times nostalgic of home cooked food by those loving hands.

One thing I absolutely love here is that I get mangoes and lemons and avocados and papaya and watermelon … I really could go on.

Oh but there is something that has proven to be a bit challenging over the last few years. I have been living in Trinidad and Tobago. Huh? Why here? Well there’s a lot of factors to that question but to make a very long story short my husband is Trinidadian. Born and raised until he was in his late teens and then moved to Canada with his family.

So we decided to make the move in the Fall of 2012. What could be challenging about living on a Caribbean island you may be thinking? It’s all coconuts beach and rum, right? Well sometimes, but I will stick to the food challenges instead of overall.

This of course is coming from a girl who grew up in North America having grocery stores open late some even 24 hours, access to almost all ingredients at anytime of the year, organic produce easily accessed and the list goes on. Oh and I was used to the crisp taste of apples. I just realized how much I miss apples! Good apples. Like right from the tree apples.

I am not complaining, just reminiscing. But there are culinary challenges trying to emulate food that I grew up eating. One thing I absolutely love here is that I get mangoes, lemons, avocados, papaya and watermelon … I really could go on. But I get to taste these foods right from the tree, and in season. It brings me the same joy as getting cherries, strawberries, apples and peaches in season back home.

So I hope you enjoy reading about some of my adventures living on a small island. And hope you also enjoy some of the tried and tested recipes on the blog, coming from someone who genuinely enjoys good food and drink. What you won’t find is anything too fancy or complex. I will save that for the pros.

Joanne Sunset